Double Triple Connector DTC45

Suits 45mm Joists to most size bearers
Box of 40
$81.40 incl GST
Box of 8
$26.40 incl GST

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Our new Double Triple Connector fits 45mm Joists to most size bearers making it a one size fits all product.

No longer is the Joist/Bearer interface the weakest connection in your deck, the Double Triple Connector replaces problematic skew nailing and triple grips, and allows fixings to both sides of the joist and to the front and top of the bearer, thus creating a much more positive and stable connection. Moulded from Impact modified Polypropylene – strong, tough, good UV stability – the Double Triple Connector will not rust and can be used in any harsh environment.

Keeps your joists dry and prevents moisture-initiated degradation of joists and bearers caused by skew nailing.

Dramatically simplifies the set-out of your joist/ bearer substructure allowing you to lay out joists standing in position and either fix with gun nail (easiest and quickest), manual nails or screws.

4 mm ventilation ribs in the Double-Triple Connectors base keeps joist dry and free from rot.   

No more split joists associated with inaccurate skew nailing.

Unlike Triple-grip type products, the Double Triple Connector allows fixing to and stabilizes both sides of your joists to your bearer.

Will not rust – can be used in any harsh environment.

Fix with gun-nails, manual nails or screws.

Aesthetic design – looks good when the underneath of your deck or pergola is exposed.Can be painted without problems of paint adherence.

360°View Double Triple Connector